Welcome to our english lessons. English classes are recorded-lessons, not live-stream, and you can watch them with phone or computer during the english schedule.


You can choose how you want to participate: phone or computer. Read the instructions:

Attending with mobilephone in whatsapp:

When the class is about to start: Send a whatsappmessage with your name, your driving school name and the lesson you want to number 0442539616. After that we will send you the link to the videolesson and you can watch the videolesson in whatsapp. After the videolesson you need to fill the participationform, which we will also give you in whatsapp after the video. Please pay attention that this is possible only during english schedule: thursday at 16.00-18.00 (4pm - 6pm) and saturday 10.00-12.00 (10am-12am). Other times we don´t have service on whatsapp.

Attending with computer:

If you attend with computer, you need to have good internet connection and Chrome-browser. When the time is, sign into the classroom, and the teacher will help you there to get your videolesson. After the videolesson you need to fill participationform, which you will also have from the teacher after the video. Please pay attention that you need to watch the video and fill the participationform during the schedule.